bluMjk is an OTC pain relieving topical applicator that combats nerve irritation at the deepest levels. Apply liberally on the affected area where it starts working immediately on contact. Proven to relieve over 90% of mild to severe pain in 5 minutes or less. By using bluMjk before resorting to narcotics, you may relieve the need for narcotics all together.

The unique roller ball applicator allows you to target your pain directly with deep, lasting relief. bluMjk’s patented formula works on acute and chronic, musculoskeletal, joint and nerve pain by penetrating to the level of nerve cells and restoring them to their resting state. bluMjk is not an anesthetic.*

This means, if pain is re-provoked it will return, which protects you and ensures there is no danger of further injuring yourself. bluMjk is completely safe with no known side effects and can even be used along with anti-inflammatory medications.*

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1) Apply bluMjk Pain Relief liberally to a wide area covering a circle with a diameter of at least four (4) inches from the point of maximum pain. Skin should appear wet.
2) Keep painful area at rest for 10 minutes after application.
3) If pain persists after the first application, reapply every four (4) to six (6) hours as needed.
4) Begin with a liberal amount and reduce with each use. Maintain the effective amount for optimum results.

Placing An Order

Interested in ordering Omnicide Gel or bluMjk? Orders are available to place by phone. Please call (866) 965-6245 and our customer support representative will assist you with the checkout process. Thank you, we appreciate you business.

Truly Magic… Pain Goes Away in Minutes

I had Heel Neuroma for few days and my foot got so sore that I could not walk for short distances, I mean not not even few yards. I bought this product and within 15 mins of its use I started walking and I used every 6 hours for 2 days and it is 2nd week I am without a trace of pain in foot. Great product , Highly recommended for a quick relief from grief and pain. *

Maria M.

This Really Works!

[…} it really works. and don’t be dismayed by the small size. That being said it, like the story of the woman in the bible, her vessel of oil never runs out. I keep thinking this will be the last of it and I keep getting one more use. I’ve been using it on my thumb and wrists and my wife puts it on her foot. If you have been looking for a topical pain relief this is it. Best of all it will not irritate your skin. If you are like me in searching for pain relief, I have a shoebox of stuff that doesn’t work, or works but burns your skin, but this works and doesn’t cause skin problems. *

James G.

bluMjk is NOT a counterirritant masking agent like other products you purchase in a drug store. It is also NOT intended for AFTER opioids have been started. It can be used in conjunction with oral NSAIDS.*

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